The first game of the 2015 season was played on March 8 at Clube Nipo in Brasília. The game was played between the teams Brasília A, with Captain Kamal, and Brasilia B, with Captain Alexandre.

After winning the toss, Brasília A chose to hit first. Brasilia B started well and after five eliminations with just 58 points, there was an interruption due to bad weather. The restart was with good moves by Umar and Brasilia A managed to score 133 points in 20 overs.

Requiring 134 for the victory, Brasilia B lost hitters in short intervals and had total elimination with only 94 points.

The game was very interesting with a small group of spectators.

Recalling that the teams Cricket Brasília train every Thursday and play on the first Sunday of every month.

Brasilia A (133/7 in 20 overs) won against Brasilia B (94 all out in 19 overs)