ABRAC fraternization, last game of 2015 and delivery of the best of the year 2015

By Daniela Medeiros

Brasília : On November 29, Cricket athletes and admirers gathered at Clube Nipo to close the activities of the year 2015.

They held the last friendly game between the teams of captains Alexandre Miziara and Kamal Bishnoi. The sign:

Alexandre XI, 161/5 in 20 overs, Waseem 56, Alexandre 34

lost to

Kamal XI, 163/5 in 17 overs, Umar 84 *, Waseem 18/2

Then, the athletes were awarded by categories:

Best pitcher: Ana Elisa Vicentin

Best hitter: Narayana Reihner

Best fielder: Erika Reihner and Lúcia Dura

Best pitcher: Kamal Bishnoi and Wassen Hussain

Best fielder: Alexandre Miziara

At the end, everyone was presented with a delicious lunch prepared by Anthony Joseph.

With words of thanks to the athletes and also to the collaborators, the president Kamal Bishnoi, together with the sport director of the club Nipo, Eduardo Nomura (and played cricket represented by team Alexandre XI) declared the activities related to Cricket closed.

Images provided by Cricket Brasília: