Paulo Vitor Campos’s article – Sport Poços
The cricket in Poços de Caldas, commanded by Matt Featherstone, was awarded yesterday with a check for R $ 10,000 by Alcoa’s Action project.

The action on behalf of the Brazilian Cricket Association is the ninth and last of 2018, promoted by Alcoa volunteers in Poços de Caldas, and will guarantee the institution the receipt of the donation coming from Alcoa Institute resources.
The Action Program aims to encourage voluntary work among Alcoa employees. It must be performed outside working hours and last for 4 hours. The institution benefiting from an Action receives a donation in the amount of R $ 10,000.

“Today is a special and joyful day for Alcoa volunteers,” said Walmer Rocha, Operations Manager in Poços de Caldas. “We are proud to be able to collaborate on a project as important for our community as cricket, which opens up new perspectives of life for hundreds of young people. And we are still having fun and playing sports, also contributing to our health ”.

For Matt, the partnership with Alcoa is yet another great achievement for the Poços de Caldas cricket, which has been one of the fastest growing social projects in the city.

“We took the opportunity to bring Alcoa volunteers to learn about cricket and the work we are doing in Poços de Caldas,” said Featherstone. The event took place in the field located in the south zone and a competition was held involving several projects carried out in the city.
Alcoa employees, volunteers of the Action project, also participated in the event and played some games with the athletes.

“For Poços de Caldas, having an international company the size of Alcoa is fantastic and today the children of cricket have had the chance to learn a little about the work they do. As for the money we receive, we will invest in training material and this will be very important for the evolution of our sport. It is partnerships like this that help us take cricket very far. Without these partnerships we would be nothing, ”said Featherstone.

“I want to thank Hotel Minas Gerais, Alcoa, the Sports Incentive Law and Hotel Minas Gerais, for the support of the city hall, DME, Housing and Citizenship of Caixa Econômica Federal, Associação Atlética Caldense, ICC – Mundial de Cricket for being at our always, ”said Matt.