In a lively game at the club Nipo, Brasilia, several Brazilians and foreigners came together to maintain the tradition of the Game of Ambassadors. The competition has been held since 2002 and had 8 victories for the Australian team against only 6 victories for the English team.

The opening of the Game was attended by the Ambassador of Australia in Brazil, Mr. John Richardson and the Ambassador of England in Brazil, Dr. Vijay Rangarajan. Vijay even played for the English team in his first year living in Brasilia. The teams were captained by Matt Featherstone, Development Director of Cricket Brazil, on the English side and by Australian Warwick Heaney.

Vince Bastik, Matt Featherstone, Dr. Vijay Rangarajan, Mr. John Richardson and Warwick Heaney

The intention is to promote sport in Brazilian schools. On Saturday there were students from the CEF school of Miguel Arcanjo and Centrão de São Sebastião in the field, who were able to follow the game and talk about learning about the new sport.

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Australia v England – BRAshes

England won Toss and decided to beat first

Joseph: 34 races

Roberta: 32 races

Umar: 26 races

Fábio: 5-0-25-3

Andrew: 4-2-8-8

Denise: 3-0-24-1

Alexandre: 5-0-36-1

England scored 195 races in 30 overs


Greigor: 50 (retired)

Warwick: 50 (retired)

Alexandre Miziara: 25

Freddie: 5-0-20-0

Rick: 5-0-30-1

Roberta: 3-0-24-1

Umar: 5-0-28-1

Australia scored 197 runs in 29 overs and won by 6 wickets.

Best player of the match: Fábio Dela Pace, with fantastic bowling that prevented the growth of England at the beginning of the innings. Fábio was the first Brazilian to write his name in the MVP Trophy!

Fabio Dela Pace receives trophy from Vince Bastik

The Cricket Ball was also held, an event held at the Australian Embassy in Brazil, with the hosts, Mr. John and wife Yvone Flanders. The charity event had auctions for a painting offered by Roger Vearncombe, an Englishman who currently lives in Nepomuceno, and a cricket bat signed by the Australian team at Ashes 2013-2014, an item offered by Cricket Australia.

With extreme good taste, Cricket players and supporters in Brazil were able to enjoy a special night, with good music, fun and support for our Great Sport.