The upcoming May Day weekend will see São Paulo Invitation XI visit Brasilia and play against Brasilia Invitation XI. Two T20s are planned, one on Friday, 1st May at 14 hours and the other on Saturday, 2nd May at 09:30. A 3rd T20 will be played if time and weather permits. The matches will take place at Clube Nipo (SCES – L4, Setor de Clubes Sul, Trecho 1, Lote 1; ao lado restaurante Baby Beef Rubaiyat).
Brasilia is fielding a strong squad against the visitors:

1) Alexandre
2) Aravind
3) Arslan
4) Bader
5) Dhanushka
6) Dinash
7) Fabio
8) Kamal
9) Mahesh
10) Paul
11) Umar
12) Usman
13) Vikram
14) Vince

Players are invited to bring their non playing friends and family members to watch, learn and enjoy the game and not to forget that the restaurant at the club serves one of the best Japanese cuisines in Brasilia.