The Panama Cricket Association (PCA) will hold 5CAC which, contested from March 19-22nd 2015 and Brazil will be playing on Group B, against M.C.C, Peru and

Brazilian Squad will be formed by the current players:

Greigor Caisley (c)

Matt Featherstone

Alexandre Miziara

Oliver Ballhatchett

Richard Avery

Vinod Kumar

Freddie Brunt

Kamal Bishnoi

Yasar Haroon

Jaimin Allen

Nick Jones

Craig Allison

Vincent Bastick (Manager)

Matches will be held on great venue of Panama Pacifico, mixed use real estate development ( L&R Panama won the 40 years concession over sixteen other bidders in 2007 to develop the 3,450 acre former Howard US Air Force base next to the Canal.

5CAC promises to be a grand tournament, which has expanded its previous scope and far exceeds the expectations of its founders in 2006, including our distant players and even MCC.

We trust our Brazilian team to enjoy competitive Cricket in this exciting venue of Panama.

Wish you the best of luck!