Paulo Vitor Campos article – Esporte Poços

The campaign
Until the decision reached the Brazilian team defeated Mexico, Peru and Chile. “We stumbled in Argentina, but I see that we are getting closer and closer to their level and this is excellent. Argentina is very strong in cricket, but I believe that soon we will be able to beat them and bring this title to our Brazil ”, said the professor.

“We have many partners that make our cricket stronger every day. The World ICC is a great partner, we still have the Municipal Electricity Department, Caixa Econômica Federal, in short, without them the project would not have grown so much. Each year we notice a big improvement. We also have great support from the City Hall, which also embraced cricket, including giving us a field just for our sport ”, said the coach. The location mentioned by the professor is on the old golf course located on the south side. From November onwards, the training sessions for the projects and all games held in the city will be held there. “Who would have thought that in a short time we would have our own field. It is a great achievement and we have a lot to thank Mayor Sérgio ”, finished Matt.

In the under-13, Vinícius Dias won the Individual award for best fielder (best player on the field). Other highlights were Otávio and Iuri (under-13) and Michel (under-17), who won awards for best players in league matches.

Under-17 national team athletes
Patrick Rodrigues Francisco – C – Municipal School Project
Lucas Reche de Carvalho – VC – Municipal School Project
Whaylan De Sousa Alves – Municipal School Project
Michel Izidoro Assunção – Projeto Bem Viver
Lucas Pacete Araújo – Municipal School Project
José Samuel Nogueira – Caldense Project
Julio César Maciel – PMJ Project João Monteiro
Willian Garcia Máximo – Casa do Menor Project
Lucas Garcia Máximo – Casa do Menor Project
Luiz Henrique Morais – Municipal School Project
João Gabriel Coalhado – Galpão das Artes Project
Kevin Mecone Silva – Municipal School Project

Sub 13
Iuri Simão Costa – C – PMJ João Monteiro Project
Vinicius Dias Pereira – VC – Municipal School Project
Rubens Felipe Lobo – Project Lar Criança Feliz
Felipe Miguel Barreiro – Municipal School Project
Matheus Fiorito Souza – Municipal School Project
Luiz Augusto Gonçalves – Municipal School Project
Lucas de Almeida e Silva – Municipal School Project
Chrystian Câmara Machado – Municipal School Project
João Manoel Fernandes – Casa do Menor Project Dr. Ednan Dias
João Pedro Alexandre – Casa do Menor Project Dr. Ednan Dias
Otávio Martins de Oliveira – PMJ João Monteiro Project
Flávio Santos Freitas – Casa do Menor Project Dr. Ednan Dias