Paulo Vitor Campos article – Sport Wells

The Brazilian Women’s Cricket Team continues its preparation for the 2021 competitions. Work is being done at the Training Center located at the Country Club. Each day new and important members join the group, which is thus greatly strengthened for the challenges that lie ahead. The new acquisition is mental coaching.

The professional who arrives is one of the most qualified. Matheus Louro Neto is a former swimmer who has defended the Brazilian team and has a great history in the sport. He started swimming at just eight months and was a professional in the sport for 20 years, having more than 50 Brazilian titles, many broken records and several international competitions. When he stopped swimming, Louro specialized in mental coaching for high performance and quality of life, which consists of a variety of techniques and methods derived from various disciplines, such as competitive sports, sports psychology, mental training, mindfulness and human nature. The goal of mental training is to increase performance, emotional competence, social competence, skills related to high performance, general resilience, self-esteem, mental strength and individual motivation.

“When I stopped swimming I started to reflect and I realized that during the competitions something happened. I trained a lot and when it was time for competitions things didn’t go well, very different from what I had trained. I started to study why this happened, because my head didn’t work as well as my body and I started to find the answers and started to help athletes to face these problems ”, said Louro.

It helps athletes to understand the functioning of the mind and with that they achieve greater control of emotions at the time of competitions. “Today there are several training lions. The guy trains very well, but at the time of the championship the performance plummets. It is pure head and you can control it ”, he said. This work started to be done with the girls of cricket. Matheus is following the training sessions, talking a lot with the group and highlights the group’s potential to overcome any adversity.

“Here in Poços de Caldas we have a Brazilian team with enormous potential. I have already represented Brazil a few times and I know the importance of that. It is not the representation of a city, a team, but a nation and the more they understand this, the more they have the mentality of the importance of playing in a national team, the more they will be able to play better, ”he said.

Louro points out that after the work he does with the team the girls will better understand what it is like to travel with the national team, what it is like to wear the yellow shirt, listen to the National Anthem and will be much more prepared for the challenges. “Representing your country is one of the most rewarding things about the sport. During training we usually say that 10% is head and the rest is physical, but at the time of the competition this reverses and a good head makes a big difference ”, concluded Neto.


The weekend was one of important events for the team, all closely watched by Louro. Special training sessions took place at the Country Club Training Center and on Sunday a friendly game was played on the south side of the field. The theoretical part was carried out by mental coaching at Caldense. Matt Featherstone highlights the importance of mental coaching work.

“Matheus is a great professional who becomes part of our team and will be with us often. We know the importance of the mental part for the sport and for our cricket girls, ”said Matt.

The Brazilian team will compete in four major championships in 2021. Argentina, Germany, the United States and Rio de Janeiro will be stages of Brazil’s games. “We are looking for new techniques with the arrival of Matheus and these techniques will be used in these championships. We need to strengthen the mental part, because the head has to be in the right place at the time of an important championship ”, said Matt.meuip