And 2017 started as a promising year!

In addition to the International Championship in March with the Sub 19 and the Women’s Selection, new projects in Poços de Caldas and Brasília and high expectations for the Men’s National T20, we have a representative of Cricket Brazil on stage with one of the strongest cricket communities on the planet: Cricket Australia.

Roberta Moretti has been working within the offices of Cricket Australia and Cricket Victoria for four weeks to learn about the projects encouraged, participation in cricket in the country, marketing and sport development structures. As part of the internship, Roberta will also take courses in Strategic Planning and Marketing, with Australian Institute of Management and RMIT University.

This opportunity was offered to Cricket Brasil through a partnership with DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs Trade) and is considered important by the government to advance common development goals.

ICC and Cricket Australia

There is also the support of the ICC so that the best can be taken advantage of from this experience. During the second semester, Cricket Brasil will receive a representative from Australia to continue the exchange. Currently, cricket is the most practiced sport in Australia, with sports projects for children from 5 years of age in schools. In the latest estimate, 1.3 million people played cricket in 2015-2016, with 25% of the participants being women, the fastest growing area at the moment.

Big Bash League and Womens Big Bash League

Established in 2011 by Cricket Australia, the Big Bash League (BBL) is a national championship in T20 format with eight teams based in the country. BBL was established with one goal in mind: to attract and engage new fans (youth, families and female audience) for cricket and to protect the future of the game.

And part of the strategy was to develop the same league for women, which happened in 2015 with the same concept, the same teams and structure. And it was as well received as BBL itself! An interesting fact, a game between Melboure WBBL’s team last year had 12,901 spectators, which can be compared with the WNBA average of 7,318 fans in 2015.

Since its conception, the League has had massive audience levels and has been a fundamental step in the growth of the sport among the new public. Young people, family and women are getting closer to Australian cricket and the numbers reflect that.

Cricket Victoria:

Big Bash League / Womens Big Bash League:

May new ideas come and we will work to have more and more support and professionalization of Cricket in Brazil!