Text by Daniela Medeiros

The Brazilian Women’s Cricket Team met with advisor Marlon Costa, at the invitation of Elias Medeiros, to talk about the sport.

In a relaxed conversation, cricket was presented and compared to the famous “Bet” (a game commonly played in childhood by Brazilians).

The team mentioned projects developed in Poços de Caldas / MG and São Sebastião / DF, which aroused the Government’s curiosity and interest. It was commented on the difficulties that each athlete and the group experiences, as well as the effort to spread the sport.

Marlon and Medeiros made themselves available, including offering better infrastructure for playing games and tournaments.

After the chat, the Governor and the Secretary of Education of the Federal District, Rollemberg and Júlio Gregório, did not receive them affectionately and insisted on taking pictures with the athletes. They wished luck in the championships and proved to be fans. Júlio Gregório was flattered to learn that six of his employees are also athletes from the Women’s Cricket Team.