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The cricket project carried out in Poços de Caldas currently has about 3,500 practitioners spread across several centers. They are athletes of varying ages, many of them competing in international competitions and with that the training is strained, which can cause some injuries. This week the project gained an important partner to take care of possible injuries of these athletes.

A partnership was signed with the Humanus Physiotherapy Clinic, which now serves the entire team. The responsible for the cricket project in Poços de Caldas Matt Featherstone highlights the new partnership and celebrates the new achievement.

“We are happy for this new partnership that will serve our children. We have almost 3,500 practitioners in this city and we are going to look for an injury prevention job that is very important. In 2020 we want to reach a number of five thousand practitioners and we will certainly need the work of the clinic. We have athletes under treatment, unfortunately, since I wish there was no need, but it is practically impossible to avoid injuries and this partnership really is one of the highlights for the Poços de Caldas cricket, ”said Featherstone.

For Elton Luiz Godoy Landre, owner of the Humanus Physiotherapy Clinic, the partnership is very important. He says that she came in an unusual way, since she did not know the sport.

“We realized that not only the people at the clinic, but a good part of Brazil do not know cricket, which is a modality that is in its infancy. That is why we, technicians in injuries and in physiotherapy, find it a great and pleasant challenge to promote treatments in a modality in which we still need to study the specific biomechanics of the sport and find strategies for the prevention and promotion of the health of these athletes. In a popular sport it is easy to treat, it is part of our daily lives, but the challenge has led us to embrace cricket. A sport with incredible social interaction, however, little study for us, Brazilian physiotherapists. For us, it is a great satisfaction to enter this project and be part of this management that is being initiated. We will have a technical coordination team that will work specifically with this new sport ”, said Landre.

“In the same month that we signed the partnership, cricket celebrates the South American title and we saw that the potential of this sport is very great and we want to be part of this growth”, concluded Landre.  online store gratis