Cricket is not at the Olympic Games.

The only Cricket game held at the Olympics was in 1900, in a two-day duel between Britain and France and has not yet been played by the national teams.

But this did not prevent Cricket Brasil from being absent from the Torch Conduct in Brazil. In all, five players from the Brazilian Cricket Team will carry the very famous Torch throughout Brazil. Know who they are and where they will pass:

Players: Erika and Narayana Reihner

Who they are: Captain and Vice Captain of the Brazilian women’s team.

Where they will pass: The sisters, who have been in the Brazilian team since 2007, will be part of the group that will carry the Torch in Brasília from the Army Pier towards the Pontoon of Lago Sul in Canoa Havaiana. The route will be one of the first to be covered, on May 3rd.

Player: Denise Souza

Who is: Bowler of the Brazilian Women’s Team

Where you will pass: Denise, who has been a national team player since 2014, had the most voted video in the Federal District and will carry the Olympic Torch on the 407/406 South stretch at L2 at 17:27, in Brasília, on the 3rd of May.

Players: Luiz Felipe Pinheiro and Renata Dina de Sousa

Who they are: Captain of the Men’s Under 17 National Team and Bowler of the Women’s Cricket Team

Where they will pass: Luiz Felipe and Renata, players of the National Team since 2014, will carry the Olympic Torch on June 15, in Macapá, with a section yet to be confirmed. Both are prominent athletes and monitors of the Cricket Poços de Caldas project.

Congratulations to all for the honor of Driving. Representing sport, movement, innovation and Brazilianness – these three aspects are the essence of the Torch, which reflects the human warmth of the Brazilian people.