By Paulo Vítor Campos, Mantiqueira Newspaper, Poços de Caldas

The Benedito Bandola de Oliveira stadium was the scene, yesterday, of another competition with cricket players from the city. It was the fourth edition of the municipal championship and ended the first semester. Two matches were played, with another game taking place next weekend. The Poços league is being played by the Pandas, the women’s team in the city, The Three Lions and Los Ticos. The leader of the competition so far is the Three Lions team.

Yesterday’s competition received a visit from Greg Caisley, who is in the city to see how work is doing in the city. Greg is captain of the Brazilian team and was very impressed with what he saw in the city. “I already knew that the work here was good, but I was really amazed by what is happening in Poços de Caldas,” said Greg, who participated in yesterday’s games. “I see many boys with potential in Poços de Caldas and from here we will certainly have many athletes in the selection,” said the Australian.


About 1,200 children practice cricket in Poços de Caldas. Among the 21 projects in the city are Casa do Menor, Fazenda Lambari, two in the neighborhood São José, Sesi, Caldense (which provides space for training), Jardim Kennedy, Galpão das Artes, Colégio Municipal and AADV.
The projects are coordinated by professors Matt Featherstone, Alexandre Felippe and Richard Avery. “We thank the support of the Sports Department of Poços de Caldas, which gave us the field for the game in these two weekends”.
According to the professor, there are great chances that this year the projects in the city will be doubled. “I really need to thank other important partners, such as DME, Construtora Passo and Pamafer. These are companies that have embraced cricket and are giving us the conditions to go in search of making this sport even stronger in the city ”, concluded the prefect Matt Featherstone.

Capitão da eleção Brasileira, Greg Caisley, visitou o projeto do Cricket Poços de Caldas