Joint article with Paulo Vítor Campos – Sport Poços

This weekend, in the new cricket field in Poços de Caldas, the first stage of the National Women’s Cricket Championship was held. The selection of Poços de Caldas, Pandas, received the team of São Sebastião, Corujas, located in a neighborhood of Brasília.

The event is scheduled to take place in two stages, the next one being in Brasília, when Poços will play two games. The championship is played by three teams: Brasília Cricket Ladies, São Sebastião Cricket Club and the Cricket team Poços de Caldas.

This weekend Poços de Caldas faced São Sebastião and won the games, starting at the front in the competition. According to Matt Featherstone, team coach and responsible for the work carried out in Poços de Caldas, the competition served to bring together the best players in the city, who will be part of the Brazilian team, which will play games in Colombia in August.

“This type of championship is very important for our girls, since here in the city they train against men and this ends up not being very fair. So, playing against a women’s team we have the chance to evaluate each one and I am very happy because our athletes are very talented ”, said Featherstone.
This weekend’s event was attended by Mayor Sérgio Azevedo and Sports Secretary Wellington Guimarães, Paulista. The highlights of the Poços team are Roberta Avery and Renatinha, right names in the Brazilian team. And Rayane Souza and Jeannette Garcez, highlights of the São Sebastião team.

Captain of the São Sebastião Cricket Club, Jeannette Garcéz, said:

“This year was the second participation of the São Sebastião women’s team in the Brazilian Women’s Cricket Championship but it was also the women’s team’s first trip outside DF. It was a very good and enriching experience. Participating for the second time, consolidates and strengthens the existence of the team within the Brazilian cricket sports circuit. The team traveled with a lot of enthusiasm, energy, anxiety and with the hope of continuing their growth path in this sport and having improvements with respect to the first presentation of the team during the past year. The Poços de Caldas team and organization gave us a very fraternal, loving and comfortable reception.”

For Matt Featherstone, the support of partners such as Associação Atlética Caldense, Hotel Minas Gerais, among others, is of fundamental importance for the strengthening of the sport. “We have many partners that make our cricket stronger every day. The World ICC is a great partner, we still have the Municipal Electricity Department, Caixa Econômica Federal, City Hall, Rotary, in short, without them the project would not have grown so much. Each year we notice a big improvement. We also have great support from the city, which also embraced cricket ”, concludes the professor.

Game 1:

CPC 69-0 on 10.4 overs won from SSCC 68-5

Game 2:

CPC 38-7 on 13.2 overs won from SSCC 37-10

Game 3:

CPC 165-2 won from SSCC 80-7

Best Bowler: Laura Agatha CPC

Best Batsman: Renata Sousa CPC

Best Fielder: Maria Clara Almeida CPC

Spirit of Cricket: Ana Carolina Ferreira SSCC

MVP: Renata Sousa CPC