Article by Paulo Vitor de Campos – Sport Wells

Some Cricket Brasil partners were honored during the week. According to Matthew Featherstone, without partnerships the cricket in Poços de Caldas would not have grown the way it did and for that reason recognition is very important, as a way of thanking you. The Mantiqueira Newspaper, the Humanus Physiotherapy Clinic and the Dra. Tânia Medicina Diagnóstica Laboratory were honored.

“For us at Jornal Mantiqueira, it is very good to be able to publicize a project as important for Poços de Caldas, as is cricket. Few sports reach such a large number of practitioners and everyone involved is to be congratulated. We remain available to take information of everything that happens in the world of cricket “, said Vicente Alves, commercial director of Mantiqueira.

The honorees received a painting with a shirt from the Brazilian national team in the frame and an official national team jersey. Luiz Henrique Cobra, from the Dra. Tânia Medicina Diagnóstica Laboratory, also highlighted the importance of the project and thanked the tribute.

“I was thrilled, it seems that Christmas is not over yet. I am very proud to be part of this project that is very well led by Matt. I am immensely grateful for the painting and the coat and make sure that we are the most enthusiastic fans of cricket in Poços de Caldas. “said Cobra.

The partnership with the Clínica de Fisioterapia Humanus arrived in 2019 and is being very important in the recovery of athletes from Poços de Caldas who defend the Brazilian team. For Elton Luis Godoy Landre, owner, the partnership is very important and highlights that it will stay for a long time.

“A project that won us over and we are very pleased to be part of this team. We are grateful for the tribute and the support is for this winning team to go very far,” said Landre.

They were honored by Mantiqueira Vicente Alves and Paulo Vitor. Luiz Henrique cobra received by the Dra. Tânia Medicina Diagnóstica Laboratory. The Humanus Physiotherapy Clinic was represented by Ana Beatriz Mousa Gonçalves, Iracy da Silva Andrade, Elton Luiz Godoy Landry and Karina Gonçalves do Lago.

Cricket in Poços

Started in 2011, through Englishman Matthew Featherstone, coach and captain of the Brazilian male team and official representative of cricket in the Americas, the Poços de Caldas Cricket Project was born with the aim of popularizing the sport, which is the second most practiced in the world.

With great acceptance by entities and the population, the program contributes to the local community, offering sports development, recreation and discovering new sports talents. The project currently serves students from 6 years of age, who attend classes free of charge in centers such as the Association for Assistance to the Visually Impaired (AADV), Casa do Menor, Municipal School, Athletic Association Caldense, Projeto Bem Viver, Parque Municipal, between others.

“We have many partners that make our cricket stronger every day, such as Alcoa, Caixa Econômica Federal, NGO Citizenship and Housing, Athletic Association Caldense, Municipality of Poços de Caldas, Hotel Minas Gerais, Municipal Electricity Department, Caixa Econômica Federal, Humanus Physiotherapy Clinic, Duson, Dr. Tânia Medicina Diagnóstica Laboratory and World ICC. Without them, the project would not have grown as much “.