Paulo Vitor Campos’s article – Sport Poços

On the 4th of that month, the finals of the cricket championships involving the Municipal Youth Program (PMJ) took place in Poços de Caldas.

The games were held in the south zone field and counted on the participation of the entities:

  • Galpão das Artes,
  • PMJ Santa Maria,
  • PMJ São Sebastião,
  • PMJ João Monteiro,
  • PMJ Marco Divisório,
  • PMJ Centro Social Urbano,
  • PMJ Vilas Unidas,
  • PMJ Parque Pinheiros e
  • PMJ São José

More than 150 children attended the event that ended the cricket season.

“It was a very beautiful event with a great participation and the most important thing is that the children show how much they are enjoying the sport and this is very important for the growth of the project”, said Professor Matt Featherstone, responsible for the implementation of cricket in Poços of Caldas.

“This type of project with so many children serves so that we can teach cricket from an early age and who knows, maybe one of these little players will one day not be defending the colors of the Brazilian team, as many wells in Caldas are currently doing,” said the professor, who celebrates the success of 2019.

“It was an excellent year, perhaps one of the best in our sport, but I guarantee that 2020 will undoubtedly be even better. We will have many news that will surprise everyone “, he said.  virtual store