After peak season, cricket is on vacation

Reporting by Paulo Vitor Campos

Sport Wells

A well-deserved rest and the feeling of accomplishment. This is how the people of cricket are feeling. After a season in which the sport in Poços de Caldas was highlighted worldwide due to international achievements, teachers, monitors and players are on vacation.

Last event

Last Wednesday, the João Monteiro school, in the south of the city, gathered seven projects for a special farewell tournament. The students showed their progress and everyone had the chance to practice the sport for the last time of the season. “I am very happy with the year we had and I believe that from now on our cricket will give us greater joy. It was a special season and everyone is to be congratulated. Now we are going to rest, however, we are already thinking about 2016 and we hope it will be an even better year ”, said Matt Featherstone.


During the event this week there was a presentation by AADV students, who showed everyone that any difficulty is easily overcome. The students Daniel José Dias, José Mário Scapim and Jailson Henrique Benedito played a match and their ability to play surprised everyone. “It was very beautiful what we witnessed today [Wednesday] and that it serves as an example for everyone. The AADV boys played with such ease that it is difficult for anyone else to think about barriers to the practice of a sport, ”said Featherstone.

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