Reporting by Paulo Vítor Campos

Esporte Poços

A fraternization dinner with players, family members, teachers, monitors and cricket supporters in Poços de Caldas was held last Monday night at Pizzaria M & amp; M. The event served to close the cricket season and outline the next season, which should see an increase in the number of projects in the city. Some of the projects’ internal competitions are yet to take place this week, but officially, work will only return in mid-January in Caldense and in schools after Carnival.


Franco Martins, from Caldense, Alexandre Bento Gonçalves, from Real Estate Bento Gonçalves, and Gustavo Bertozzi, from Nexo, were some of the cricket supporters honored at the event. Teachers, players and instructors, in addition to the Mantiqueira newspaper, were also remembered at the event. “Cricket in Poços de Caldas grew in such a positive way that it surprised everyone, including me, that I helped bring the sport to the city. But everything worked out thanks to the efforts and efforts of many partners and it is only fair to recognize this. No one grows alone and the success of cricket here is the greatest proof of that, ”said Matt Featherstone.

For professor Alexandre Felippe, the work of Featherstone in the development of sport in Brazil is impressive. “I am impressed by Matt’s dedication to trying to take cricket to every corner of the city. The search for support for this is constant and he has been achieving impressive results with this ”, says Felippe. In addition to Matt and Felipe, professors Richard Avery, Roberta Avery and Maria Helena Dias Martins are responsible for the projects in the city.

Australian Wade Edwards, from the International Cricket Council (ICC) was also present at the event and confirmed the entity’s support for the Poços de Caldas projects. Head of the ICC, Edwards has been following the work closely and is very enthusiastic about the results.

Cricket in Poços

Started in 2011, through Englishman Matthew Featherstone, coach and captain of the Brazilian male team and official representative of cricket in the Americas, the Cricket Project Poços de Caldas was born with the aim of popularizing the sport, which is the second most practiced in the world. With great acceptance from entities and the population, the program contributes to the local community, offering sports development, recreation and discovering new sports talents. The sports project currently serves students from 6 years of age, who attend classes free of charge in centers such as the Association for the Assistance of the Visually Impaired (AADV), Casa do Menor, Municipal School, Caldense Athletic Association, Bem Viver Project, Municipal Park , between others.


Brazil won the title of South American cricket champion in the under-13 and under-17 categories in early October. The competition took place in Peru and was unprecedented. A week later it was the turn of the girls from Brazil to do beautiful. The team defeated Argentina and won the V Women’s South American Championship for the first time in history. This championship had the hegemony of Argentina, which had won all editions. The Brazilian team had 14 players, five of whom were from Poços. The victory was much celebrated. “We want a lot more and with determination and determination we will achieve our goals”, concluded Featherstone.

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Awards given:

Municipal Championship Champion Team: Three Lions

Best Bowler: Gabriel Octavio

Best Player: Renata Dina de Souza

Spirit of Cricket: Leandro

Best Improved Player: Alice Teodoro

New Player: Luiz Henrique

Best Fielder: Michel

Monitor 2016: Lucas Reche