Paulo Vitor Campos

It was held yesterday, at the newly opened cricket field in the south area, Poços Bash, the first championship of 2018. The competition brought together three adult teams that count on the main players of the city’s projects. In reality, the championship was only the first stage and will be played until the middle of the year, when the champion team will be known.

“Very happy that we are now able to hold competitions on our own field and this first championship is proof that we are going to have big events here. We have in Poços Bash players from almost every project in the city and everyone is very excited to be back in a competition, ”said Matt Featherstone, a supporter of the sport in the city and who promises great news for this year. “We are studying to open more projects in the city and each year we try to improve our structure. This year we got another monitor, which is of great importance to us, and I see that things for our sport are improving every year”, says Featherstone.

The season promises to be one of the busiest for local cricket. Competitions involving teams from Rio, São Paulo and other parts of Brazil should take place in Poços and the men’s and women’s teams will also have international trips to represent Brazil. “We are going to Argentina, Colombia and I believe that 2018 will be even better than 2017, which had already been wonderful.

One of the projects being worked on by Matt Featherstone is the implementation of a Cricket Training Center at the Associação Atlética Caldense. “We will try to make this dream come true later this year, we are running after it and it will be a big step to further improve our cricket”, celebrates Featherstone

For Matt Featherstone, the support of partners such as Associação Atlética Caldense, Hotel Minas Gerais, among others, is of fundamental importance for the strengthening of the sport. “We have many partners that make our cricket stronger every day. The World ICC is a great partner, we still have the Municipal Department of Electricity, Caixa Econômica Federal, Rotary, in short, without them the project would not have grown so much. Each year we notice a big improvement. We also have great support from the city, which also embraced cricket ”, concludes the professor.