Article by Paulo Vítor Campos – Sport Poços

This Wednesday (7th), the first part of the cricket tournament involving city projects was held. The second part takes place next Wednesday, at the same location. About 150 students, all coordinated by Professor Matt Featherstone, are participating in the event. The competition is played at PMJ João Monteiro, formerly Sesi, in the south zone, and had an exciting participation of students. “This championship was a great success and the boys were very motivated during the matches,” said Featherstone. The tournament is the first of the year bringing together the city’s projects. The first stage held yesterday brought together the oldest projects in the city. Students from Galpão das Artes, PMJ João Monteiro, Caldense and Bem Viver were present.


About 1,500 children practice cricket in Poços de Caldas. Among the city’s projects are Casa do Menor, Fazenda Lambari, two in the São José neighborhood, PMJ João Monteiro, Caldense (which provides space for training), Jardim Kennedy, Galpão das Artes, Colégio Municipal and AADV. The idea is to increase the number of projects to 30 in a short time. Professors The projects are coordinated by professors Matt Featherstone, Alexandre Felippe, Roberta Avery and Richard Avery, in addition to Renata and Chipinho.

This week the cricket projects in Poços de Caldas are being visited by Marita Forss, an Australian who came to see how work is being done in the city. The visit is in return for the exchange carried out by Roberta Avery, who spent a period in Australia earlier this year. “Australian cricket is one of the greatest powers in the world and Marita’s visit is a source of great pride for our projects. We will try to learn a little of her knowledge, ”said Professor Featherstone. Marita talked to the report and praised the work being done in the city. “I am impressed that the technical level leaves nothing to be desired for Australian cricket. Congratulations, in addition to you living in a very beautiful city with very friendly people ”, said Marita. The Australian followed the championship held at PMJ João Monteiro and added that the competition follows the same pattern as projects around the world and was impressed with the interest of local students. “It is no coincidence that the cricket practiced in Poços de Caldas is drawing the attention of the whole world. The game has a lot of quality and with players that are on the same level as Australian players. You are on the right path. Besides, the quality of the teachers here is very good and this makes a big difference ”, concluded Marita.