Paulo Vitor Campos article – Sport Poços

Six students of cricket projects are in college and will become new teachers Poços de Caldas, MG
Cricket continues to change the lives of young people in the city. The sport is giving opportunity before thought by the vast majority. Knowing other countries and going to college are realities possible thanks to cricket.

Six new students of the projects are attending college and when they graduate they will be able to join the team of teachers of the city’s projects. There was a jump in the number of projects in the city. Before there were 29 and now there are 58 projects carried out in several communities in Poços de Caldas.
“We will soon have six more teachers who, when graduated, will be hired by Cricket Brasil and will help expand our sport,” said Matt Featherstone.

In addition to the college, which is located in São João da Boa Vista, Cricket Brasil is paying for the transportation of students. “We were in São João recently talking to representatives from Unifae, who also liked the project very much. A city councilor from the city of São Paulo was in Poços de Caldas getting to know the work and soon we may even have a nucleus in that city. It would be very interesting to expand this scope. There is even the possibility of creating a competition between the cities of Minas and São Paulo, in short, our cricket grows every day and that is our goal”, concluded Matt Featherstone.