Cricket Paraná held this month, in the city of Campo Largo, in Newton Pupi park, metropolitan region of Curitiba, an event conceived as “A Day of Sports Against Drugs” together with CADI , to demonstrate various sports, including Cricket.

“A day of Sports against drugs”, was the theme of the event that CADI CAMPO LARGO held yesterday (13-09), at Newton Puppi Park.
The event brought together about 500 people, including families, children, youth and teenagers who participated in sports activities of Skate, Football, Volleyball, Jiu Jitsu, Tennis, Capoeira, Rugby and Cricket. In addition to sports activities, skate competitions were held in the beginner and amateur sports: Game Off Skate and Best Trick. ”

The receptivity of young people, between 13 and 18 years old, was sensational. And the presence was very good among all sports. We managed to have a game between the youngsters, who took the opportunity to have fun and enjoy the sunny day with cricket and lots of fun!