Paulo Vitor Campos article – Sport Poços

“We are living a dream, I can’t believe this day has arrived. We now have our own field to train and play the championships in the city. I am very happy with our achievements and you can write there that until 2020 cricket will be the most played sport in Poços de Caldas ”. The words are from the teacher and cricket supporter in Brazil, Matt Featherstone, who brought the sport to Poços de Caldas and is doing an incredible job in the city, being one of the activities that most projects moves in schools and communities in Poço-Caldas.

The celebration in his speech also concerns the inauguration of the field located in the south zone. The place is on the old golf course, within the municipal park of the region, and was donated by the city hall. “I am very grateful to all the cricket partners, but I am even speechless to thank Mayor Sérgio Azevedo and the Secretary for Sports in São Paulo. By donating this field to us they solved a big problem that we were having for our events. Before we had a day of the month to play in Bandolão, but now, with this donation, we have the day we want to practice cricket, because this space is only ours ”, said the teacher.


To open the new space, a tournament was held with several projects from the city. The tournament ended the season, however, activities continue until the end of the year. The first official match of the new course will be next Saturday with a friendly game.

Yesterday’s event was attended by Mayor Sérgio Azevedo, who highlighted the importance of Professor Matt Featherstone’s work and promised support in his initiatives. Also present was Sports Secretary Wellington Guimarães, Paulista. “Another sport option in the city and I take the opportunity to congratulate Professor Matt, who does a wonderful job with his projects in schools and organizations. May this place bring you a lot of joy and that many champions leave this new field ”, said Paulista.

“We have many partners that make our cricket stronger every day. The World ICC is a great partner, we also have the Municipal Electricity Department, Caixa Econômica Federal, Hotel Minas Gerais and the Associação Atlética Caldense. Without them, the project would not have grown so much. Each year we notice a big improvement. We still have a lot of support from the city, which also embraced cricket, including giving us a field just for our sport ”, said the coach.

Cricket is already looking forward to the next season. According to Featherstone, many new features are being prepared for 2018. New projects will be implemented and the expectation is that the number of practitioners will increase considerably. “The year goes by fast and this season has passed quickly. It was another successful year, but in 2018 we will have many more people playing, practicing and sponsoring. We got the support of an English company, which will help us a lot”, he said.