This Saturday (2nd) we had the I Bingo Beneficente in favor of the Cricket Poços de Caldas, in order to raise funds for the athletes’ trip of the project to the WSAC (Women’s South American Championship), which will take place in October in Argentina.

The bingo had the participation of more than 60 people, including family and friends, who moved the Saturday with many gifts, joy and solidarity. The amount collected will help to fund the passage and accommodation of athletes in search of the tri-championship in Argentina.


The event had an important partner in the city, the Lions Club Poços de Caldas Urânio , who offered all the support in the organization of the event with local structure and team. More than 10 Lions people were involved in the event and brought the whole experience to the young group of athletes – a successful combination.

Summoned Players:

Know all the players summoned from Poços de Caldas and the original projects of each one of them:

Male Adult:

Luis Felipe Pinheiro – Municipal School Project
Richard Avery
Matt Featherstone

Female Adult:

Roberta Moretti Avery – C
Renata Souza – Municipal School Project

Gabriela Ferreira – Municipal School Project
Laura Agatha – Caldense Project
Julia Faustino – Crescendo e Fraternidade Project
Lindsay Mariano – Crescendo e Fraternidade Project
Larissa Bueno – PMJ João Monteiro Project

Sub 17:

Patrick Rodrigues Francisco – C – Municipal School Project
Lucas Reche De Carvalho – VC – Municipal School Project
Whaylan De Sousa Alves – Municipal School Project
Michel Izidoro Assuncao – Bem Viver Project
Lucas Pacete Araujo – Municipal School Project
Jose Samuel Nogueira – Caldense Project
Julio Cesar Maciel – PMJ Project João Monteiro
Willian Garcia Maximo – Casa do Menor Project
Lucas Garcia Maximo – Casa do Menor Project
Luiz Henrique Morais – Municipal School Project
Joao Gabriel Colhado – Project Galpão das Artes
Kevin Mecone Silva – Municipal School Project

Sub 13:
Iuri Simao Costa – C – PMJ João Monteiro Project
Vinicius Dias Pereira – VC – Municipal School Project
Rubens Felipe Lobo – Project Lar Criança Feliz
Felipe Miguel Barreiro – Municipal School Project
Matheus Fiorito Souza – Municipal School Project
Luiz Augusto Goncalves – Municipal School Project
Lucas de Almeida e Silva – Municipal School Project
Chrystian Camara Machado – Municipal School Project
João Manoel Fernandes – Casa do Menor Project Dr. Ednan Dias
João Pedro Alexandre – Casa do Menor Project Dr. Ednan Dias
Otávio Martins de Oliveira – PMJ João Monteiro Project
Flavio Santos Freitas – Casa do Menor Project Dr. Ednan Dias

Cricket Poços de Caldas thanks all friends, businessmen and stores that helped with the structure of the event. This support is essential for the growth of sport in the city and an opportunity for our athletes.