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The Raise Your Taco campaign, designed by athletes from the Brazilian women’s cricket team, is paying homage to several health professionals who are on the front lines of fighting COVID-19. The disease is in a growth phase in Brazil and Poços de Caldas registers five deaths so far, two others are under investigation. There were still two dead patients who do not reside in the city, totaling seven dead in local hospitals. As a result, the work of health professionals becomes essential to avoid worsening the situation.

Matt Featherstone says that some professionals were chosen, but he points out that everyone who is on the front lines in fighting the disease are inspirations and examples of dedication to others.

“We decided to pay this simple tribute and we chose some of these professionals to be spokespersons for all of us. We extend this tribute to all health professionals in the city who are making every effort to help our patients and wish them success in the difficult endeavor to help as many people as possible to recover, ”said Featherstone, coach of the Brazilian cricket team and main responsible for the growth of the sport in Poços and region.

“We are hoping that all this will pass soon and that soon the main focus will be on training and games again, where our athletes are very good. We want everyone’s life to return to normal, or at least close to him, as soon as possible, as we are thirsty to represent Poços de Caldas and Brazil again, ”said Matt.

Regarding the return to training, he said he should meet today at the Sports Department to discuss a possible date for a return. He said he will present a training plan and will await a position from the entity responsible for sport in the city.

The honorees

For Aline Cardoso, from Unacon, one of the honorees, it is gratifying to be recognized for the work that health professionals are doing in combating COVID-19 in Poços de Caldas.

“This type of tribute is encouraging and makes us feel the value we have for society at a time of great difficulty that we are all facing. We are serving the population with great pleasure and we seek to make a difference in people’s lives. We are working around the clock without stopping for a good cause and taking all possible measures to be every day in the fulfillment of this important duty ”, said Aline.

They also received tribute from the cricket Aline Bonora, Santa Casa, Nilce Regina Dina, caregiver of the elderly, Esther de Carvalho Alves, Emergency Care Unit, employees of the Humanus Physiotherapy Clinic, Narayana Reihner, sports nutritionist, Duda from the Verthum Institute, Henrique Chaves, physiotherapist, Iraídes Ferreira, Santa Casa de Caldas, Ana Claudia Santana, nutritionist at Cacen de Três Lagoas hospital.

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