Text by Paulo Vitor Campos


With six athletes from Poços, Brazil is South American female cricket champion
Poços de Caldas, MG – The Brazilian women’s cricket team has just won, in Rio de Janeiro, the second South American championship. It is the second consecutive title for girls from Brazil, who had six players from Poços de Caldas in their training. The well-caldense Roberta Moretti Avery was elected the best player and the best pitcher of the competition. “The championship was a challenge for us because we needed to ensure that our 2015 performance was improved to maintain the second championship.
The Argentine is renewing the team, so we didn’t know all the players. But this was the first championship I participated in and we managed to maintain the unbeaten record ”, said Roberta, who highlighted the team spirit of the group. “We started strong from the beginning, with a mix of young and experienced players and this mix has paid off. We solidly won the final, ”said Roberta. “I am very proud to be part of this team, with five more girls from our project – because we learned together and in a short time we managed to reach the level to be part of the team”, she continued.
About being the best player in the league, Roberta said that she was very honored, however, everything was possible thanks to the strength of the team. “In cricket, there is only structure to win individually if the team is strong collectively. So I believe it was a great personal effort, with the merit of the entire team ”, concluded Roberta.
In the decision, Brazil defeated Argentina by 152 to 95. The champion team won their five games in the competition very easily. Professor Matt Featherstone, one of those responsible for implementing the sport in Poços de Caldas, celebrates the result and, mainly, the fact that the six athletes from the city who represented Brazil in the conquest have appeared in local projects. “I am very happy with this achievement and we want more. I believe that our technical level goes up every day and every competition and with this our athletes will always represent Brazil with great brilliance ”, said Featherstone. The cricket project in Poços de Caldas is supported by the Municipal Sports Secretariat, Athletic Association Caldense, Hotel Minas Gerais, Rotary Club, Nexo and DME. “All of these people are helping the project to grow. I believe that in a maximum of four years our cricket will be at its best level and with this more and more boys will practice the sport ”, concluded Featherstone. The next competition will be the Copa America and the team will face others stronger than the South American ones. Brazil will face teams like the United States and Canada.