This weekend the II Mineiro Cricket Championship was held in the city of Poços de Caldas.

The Championship is held with the participation of the teams from Minas Gerais Cricket Club and Cricket Poços de Caldas. This championship is part of the teams’ preparation for the National Cricket Championship, which will take place in Itaguaí, at the end of April.

The games took place in the new space for Cricket games Poços de Caldas, at Clube UVA – União dos Veteranos Andradenses, with the support of President Cassio Turatti, and was approved by the players of both teams.

The Cricket Poços de Caldas came from a recent friendly against the team from São Paulo and showed its evolution since the last Mineiro Championship. From the Poços de Caldas team, at least 6 players will be called up for the Minas Gerais team in the National Men’s Championship.

The results of the games were:

Match 1 – Saturday – 04/09:

CPC 73/3 (in 10.5 overs) x 69/10 BH

Match 2 – Saturday – 04/09:

CPC 138/3 (in 14.3 overs) x 134/8

Match 3 – Sunday – 4/10:

BH 153/2 x 149/3 CPC

Best Championship Launcher: João Marcelo Menezes (5 wickets)

Best Hitter Championship: David Beavers (152 races)

We appreciate the presence of all the players, family and friends who were at Clube da Uva during the weekend. And a special thanks to the Clube da Uva, for providing the space for the practice of cricket in addition to all the support for the sport.