The 8th National Women’s Cricket Championship – Brasília Stage was marked by exciting moments. The disputes took place at Clube Nipo, on the 27th and 28th of July, with the participation of the home teams, Calangas Cricket and São Sebastião Cricket Club, and the visitors, Cricket Pandas and Mini Pandas. This is the last official women’s championship before the X WSAC, which will be played in Lima, Peru, in October.

Below are the results of the games:

Game 1: Calangas Cricket vs São Sebastião Cricket Club

SSCC won by 108 races

Highlights: Nikki Monteiro (SSCC) 38 * – 4-1-9-4, Jeannette Garcéz (SSCC) 36 * 4-0-13-3

Game 2: Pandas x São Sebastião Cricket Club

Pandas won by 6 wickets

Highlights: Erika Reihner (SSCC) 52 *, Roberta Avery (CPC) 34 *, Renata Sousa (CPC) 4-1-13-2

Game 3: Calangas Cricket x Mini Pandas

Mini Pandas won by 6 wickets

Highlights: Denise Souza (CC) 37, Monnike Rufino (CMP) 23 *, Evelyn Vitória (CMP) 2-0-8-2

Game 4: Calangas Cricket x Pandas

Pandas won by 10 wickets

Highlights: Julia Faustino (CPC) 17 * 3-0-6-1, Roberta Avery (CPC) 2-1-4-2, Renata Sousa (CPC) 3-2-1-2

Game 5: Mini Pandas x São Sebastião Cricket Club

São Sebastião won by 51 races

Highlights: Nikki Monteiro (SSCC) 38 4-0-8-2, Maria Eduarda Ribeiro (CMP) 4-0-25-3, Evelyn Vitória (CMP) 25

Game 6: Pandas x Mini Pandas

Pandas won by 9 wickets

Highlights: Carolina Silva (CPC) 2-0-4-5, Letícia Ellen (CPC) 13 *, Lindsay Mariano (CPC) 18 *

The decisive games all ended up taking place on the first day of the event, with São Sebastião trying to take the hegemony of Cricket Pandas and Calangas Cricket and Mini Pandas by putting on a show for the spectators of the championship.

In game 2, although the Pandas started the game with good wickets in a few overs, SSCC established itself well and placed a respect score, with the strong partnership of Erika Reihner and Nikki Monteiro (97) and a total score of 122. No according to innings, the Pandas started quickly with the opening partnership, Renata Sousa and Julia Faustino, and maintained the rotation of points even losing some important wickets. Despite this, SSCC still remained ahead until the 17th over, when Pandas captain Roberta Avery turned the game around to take the Pandas to an important victory with an over still in hand.

In game 3, Calangas started with difficulties losing 3 wickets in the first 6 overs, but Denise Sousa scored 37 runs before losing her wicket and led the home team to a score of 92 runs. The game only continued the following morning, with the Mini Pandas scoring good points but losing captain Gabriella Cristina early. The responsibility for maintaining the Mini Pandas’ chance of victory came from Monnike Rufino, who inspired the team with his attitude and leadership and even scored 23 races to win for the first time in the capital.

Individual awards:

Best Hitter: Nikki Monteiro (SSCC)

Best Pitcher: Nikki Monteiro (SSCC)

Best Fielder: Roginalda Braga (CC)

Best Wicketkeeper: Lindsay Mariano (CPC)

Spirit of Cricket: Monnike Rufino (CMP), Geovana Conceição (SSCC)

MVP: Nikki Monteiro (SSCC)