Cricket project students win t-shirts and receive city councilor visit

Yesterday was a party day for the students of the Casa do Menor cricket project Dr. Ednan Dias. They received the new t-shirts of the project that will be used in training and championship games. The Casa do Menor project is the oldest in the city and serves children from various communities. “We have a large group playing here at Casa do Menor and this place is very special for the cricket family because it was here that it all started. Today we have several centers, a lot of people playing cricket in Poços de Caldas and it all started here ”, said professor Matt Featherstone, responsible for the coming and growth of the sport in the city. The T-shirts received by the students of the projects came through the cricket partners. “They are too important partners for the project and they encourage us to do this wonderful job. I am very grateful to Hotel Minas Gerais for their help, ”said Featherstone. The projects also have the support of DME.

City councilor

Councilor Lucas Arruda visited the Casa do Menor project yesterday and was surprised by the children’s dedication to the sport. The congressman did not limit himself to attending training and went to play with the boys, even showing a certain ability with the sport, which is a novelty for Brazilians. “I was very happy to have come to know this project, which until then was only known through the press. We have almost two thousand people practicing this sport in Poços and Matt’s work has attracted a lot of attention and for this reason it has aroused my interest ”, said Arruda, who besides Casa do Menor also visited Galpão das Artes, where the project has been a very large group of practitioners. “Projects like these need an incentive to get stronger and stronger. For the rest, I would like to congratulate Matt a lot, who has been doing sensational work and has been very important for our children ”, said the councilman.
Regarding the importance of local sport and the lack of support, Arruda said that the theme was one of the guidelines of his campaign and the fight to improve the incentive will be great. “We launched a draft to increase the Incentive Law from 1% to 2% and thanks to God the Executive had a nice acceptance of this project and promised to be open for discussion and this made us hopeful. By increasing this incentive, we can serve more projects and more people in our community ”, concluded Arruda.
For Professor Matt Featherstone, the councilor’s visit was important. “Lucas is a new councilor and this visit is very special for us and he can open doors in the city hall and in the Chamber to raise our projects. Cricket has been growing a lot and we want this growth to take over all Poços de Caldas, but for this we need to join forces and so everyone wins, ”said Featherstone.