Paulo Vitor de Campos

Poços de Caldas is the city that is leveraging cricket on the national scene. It has athletes in the main national teams in Brazil and the titles on the continent multiply every year. All of these achievements are thanks to the projects developed in the city.

Practically in every corner of Poços de Caldas has a child, a teenager linked to this sport born in England. The project developed by Professor Matt Featherstone is an absolute success. With so many practitioners, the great beginner, there was a problem to be solved, such as having enough material to serve everyone. Problem that is being solved with the creation of a taco factory in the city. It will be the first in all of America. If the material had to be imported from Europe before, now it will be found right here, close to the young practitioners of the sport.

“We really needed this autonomy in the manufacture of these clubs. Until now, clubs were sought outside Brazil and now we are able to manufacture them right here. We managed to partner with Luiz Roberto Francisco and we already have several ready-made clubs that are still in the testing phase. It is certainly another big step for the cricket of Poços de Caldas and the Americas “, said Matt.

According to the professor, clubs made in Poços de Caldas will be used only by beginners in social projects, but the idea is that Poços has autonomy in making clubs even for high level athletes. In addition, the tacos being manufactured in Poços will be used in cities in the region, such as São João and Aguaí.

“The joiner is an artist. Mr. Luiz makes the tacos by hand. He takes the raw wood, makes the taco at the weight we need and we are very satisfied with this work”, said Matt.

According to him, the correct type of wood for the manufacture of clubs is still being studied and the forecast is that the real production will start in a month.

“We are testing three types of wood, unfortunately the pandemic is getting in the way of testing a little bit, but soon we will arrive at the right material for the production of clubs,” he added.

30,000 players

The production of tacos in Poços de Caldas comes at a time of great growth in the sport in the city. According to Matt’s estimate, in 2021 the city and region will reach the mark of thirty thousand practitioners and with this it will take a lot of bat to meet the demand.

“Producing these tacos at home makes it a lot easier. We will be the first in the Americas to produce our own tacos, which we are very proud of,” said Matt. >

Royal Bats, this is the name of the taco factory born in Poços de Caldas. “We think of several names, but we like this one,” added Matt, who stressed that there are three types of clubs that were named after professors Felipe, Matt and Avery. abrir loja