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Vejam a mensagem da equipe do Quick Singles para nós e aprenda mais sobre as iniciativas globais para o desenvolvimento do Cricket!

“Hello all administrators, volunteers, coaches and fans from across our wide and diverse global cricketing landscape!

Quick Singles is an ICC Development Programme initiative which produces and celebrates case studies of good practice within developing cricket nations.

This month’s Quick Single focuses on initiatives that Cricket Australia (CA) has undertaken to raise the profile of women’s cricket with very successful results. Whilst CA has more resources at its disposal compared to developing cricket nations, there are no doubt learnings for all cricket bodies in this case study on how to increase public awareness of our sport. There may even be opportunities to put a case for government funding given the strong appetite to promote female sporting role models in our communities.

Cricket Australia– Growing the profile of women’s cricket

Cricket Australia – ICC Quick Singles

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See you next month when we’ll have another Quick Single for you.

The Quick Singles team”