The Olympic Torch does not stop!

In that month of July, the three members of the Women’s Cricket Team who carried the Torch in Brasília dedicated their free time to participate in events in different public schools in DF.

Erika and Narayana Reihner and Denise Souza were with children and explained what it was like for each of them to participate in this historic moment in Brazil; passing the image of what it is to be an athlete, encouraging children to follow a path focused on exercise, health and away from drugs.

The athletes also represent the Clinica Salute , which supports the players of the Brazilian national team in the nutritional area. It was a beautiful work done and done with the same love that the athletes carry for the Brazilian team and for the sport. “ If in each school we are able to encourage at least one child to follow a course focused on their effort and dedication, believing in their potential, there is already a sense of accomplishment.”

Congratulations to all involved for promoting and dedicating to the sport!