Text by Paulo Vítor Campos

Results and photos of Cricket Brasil

Jornal Mantiqueira – 10/09/2015

Last weekend, the team “As Pandas”, which represents the female cricket team from Poços de Caldas, achieved a spectacular result by defeating the strong team of Brasilia by 2×1. With the result, the Poços de Caldas team won the Interstate Championship for the first time. Brasília is currently one of the main forces of cricket in Brazil and for that reason the result was much celebrated. “Dedication and training were the secret of the victory of the girls in Poços de Caldas and I am very proud of the results they achieved”, said Matt Featherstone, the main responsible for the growth of the sport in Poços de Caldas.

The competition
The games were played on the 5th and 6th – Saturday and Sunday – at the Benedito Bandola de Oliveira stadium, the Bandolão, which was ceded to the event by the sports secretary Albert Mareca.
Saturday, the girls from Poços made the record for points in the second game of 117, however, on this day they had lost the first game and the series ended in a 1-1 draw. With great determination “As Pandas” returned to the field on Sunday and made it even more beautiful. With a total of 122 points, she overcame Brasília, who scored just 66. The best pitcher of the event was Roberta Avery, from Poços, with 9 wickets. The best scorer was Renata de Sousa, with 99 points. The best in the field was Juliana Faustino. The player improvement for the weekend (MVP) was Renata de Sousa. “All the medals for the best players went to Poços and it is a great source of pride for all of us. As I said before, our cricket will still be the best in Brazil and Poços de Caldas will have the vast majority in the Brazilian team ”, bets Featherstone.

The competition that took place in Poços served as a selective to form the Brazilian team that plays in Santiago, Chile, where they will compete for the South American next month.
The Brasilia team has been together for nine years and Matt Featherstone said that Poços is managing to reach the level of his opponent. Brasília has seven players in the selection, while Poços has three athletes. “I’m sure that Poços will soon have more players than them in the selection. Our girls are training and playing a lot and the Poços cricket will still be the strongest in Brazil ”, says Featherstone.
This weekend’s competition was supported by the Municipal Sports Secretariat.


2nd Stage of the 3rd National Women’s Cricket Championship:

Game 1: CPC (Cricket Poços de Caldas) vs BCL (Brasília Cricket Ladies)


72 for 6

Renata                  14                                           Nani                       2-9

Dela                       12                                           Ana                        2-12


73 for 7

Kika                        12                                           Roberta                3-20

Elisa                       7                                              Renata                  2-9

Nani                       7

Brasília ganhou por 3 wkts


Jogo 2: CPC (Cricket Poços de Caldas) x BCL (Brasília Cricket Ladies)


116 for 6

Ana                        59                                           Renata                  2-14

Elisa                       12                                           Gabi                       2-15

Nani                       11                                           Julia F                    1-16


117 for 0

Renata                  47 Not out                           Kika                        0-18

Roberta                37 Not Out                          Nani                       0-18

Poços ganhou por 10 wkts

Jogo 3: CPC (Cricket Poços de Caldas) x BCL (Brasília Cricket Ladies)


122 for 7

Renata                  38 Not Out                          Ana                        4-22

Roberta                36                                          Nani                       2-24


77 for 9

Silva                       26                                          Dela                       3-10

Nan                       13                                           Roberta                3-19

Kika                       12                                           Lindsay                 1-2

Poços wins by 45 points.

The title of Champion Team of the National Women’s Cricket Championship 2015 was won by Brasilia Cricket Ladies for the third consecutive year, with 3 wins under 2 wins by Cricket Poços de Caldas.

But this was the first one-stage victory for the Pandas, who promise a very competitive 2016 and a South American one with promises.

Best Pitcher: Roberta Avery

Best Beater: Renata Sousa

Best Fielder: Julia Faustino

MVP: Renata Sousa

Best Player in Brasilia: Ana Elisa Vicentin