Another weekend of the National Men’s Championship took place this weekend in Brasilia. The championship counted with the participation of carioca cricket club, São Paulo cricket club, Minas Gerais cricket Club and the hosts, Brasília cricket.

All games were held at the Japanese club, with an intense social and games program! See the results below:

Match 1: MGCC vs SPCC
SPCC won by 66 races – Scorecard 20190427-MGCC-Sao Paulo Cricket Club
MVP: Greigor Caisley, with 71 races

Game 2: BC x CCC
BC won by 9 wickets – Scorecard 20190427-Carioca Cricket Club-Brasilia Cricket Male
MVP: Rudy Hartmann, 4-0-20-5

Game 3: SPCC vs BC
SPCC won by 8 wickets – Scorecard 20190427-Brasilia Cricket for Men-Sao Paulo Cricket Club
MVP: Victor Poubel, with 37 races and 2 wickets

Game 4: MGCC vs CCC
MGCC won by 36 races – Scorecard 20190428-MGCC-Carioca Cricket Club
MVP: George Anderson, with 94 races

Game 5: BC vs MGCC
BC won by 6 wickets – Scorecard 20190428-Brasilia Cricket Masculine-MGCC
MVP: Umar Salem, with 66 races and 2 wickets

Game 6: CCC vs SPCC
SPCC won by 122 races – Scorecard 20190428-Carioca Cricket Club-Sao Paulo Cricket Club
MVP: Yasar Haroon, with 57 races

Championship Highlights:
Best Wicketkeeper: Tim Came – CCC
Best Fielder: Michel Assunção – M GCC
Spirit of Cricket: Ryan Gonzaga – BC
Best Bowler – Zia Khan – SPCC
Best Batsman – George Anderson – MGCC
MVP – Yasar Haroon – SPCC

Complete statistics here: tournamentStats

Final Table:
São Paulo Cricket Club (SPCC) 9 points
Brasilia Cricket (BC) 6 points
Minas Gerais Cricket Club (MGCC) 3 points
Carioca Cricket Club 0 points

We hope to see you all in the next edition in Itaguaí, from September 7th to 9th!