Operating since 1955, DME is the electric energy distributor of Poços de Caldas, south of Minas Gerais, and guided by the philosophy of growing providing gains and better quality of life to its community, it fulfills with zeal and dedication the task of promoting and promoting the social and economic development of the Municipality of Poços de Caldas, serving the population with quality and contributing to their well-being.

DME Distribuição S / A supported 18 projects in different social and cultural areas. These projects include classes at Cricket Poços de Caldas, which serves children and teenagers in the city. The projects selected by the DME seek to promote citizenship, health, leisure and culture that originate exclusively from the municipality of Poços de Caldas, confirming the commitment to responsibility and social inclusion. Therefore, we are pleased to have our sport in partnership with companies of clear values.

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