What a weekend!

Between October 28th and 31st, SAC 13 and WSAC 7 took place at São Fernando Polo and Cricket Club, in Itaguaí / RJ. The event brought together 6 male teams (Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Peru) and 3 female teams (Brazil, Argentina and Peru) and was organized by the board of Cricket Brasil and volunteers.

Before starting the Championship, we were able to take an Umpiring Course, with the experienced Roger Dill, accompanied by James Stewart. The course had more than 30 athletes who were able to experience a review of the Cricket laws and rely on the experience of both umpires in international cricket.

This was the first time that we hosted the SAC / WSAC in Itaguaí, which has become one of the best meeting points for cricket players in Brazil. Despite the cloudy and wet weather of the first day, all the games took place. See the results of the qualifying games below:

SAC – 28/11 – Sexta-feira

Jogo 1: Argentina 224/5 x 94/10 em 16.4 overs Colômbia
Jogo 2: Chile 94/2 em 14.1 overs x 92/8 México

Jogo 3: Argentina 187/7 x 89/8 México

Jogo 4: Peru 106/2 em 15.1 overs x 104/9 Brasil 
SAC – 29/11 – Sábado

Jogo 5: Brasil 70/0 em 6.0 overs x 69/10 em 19.4 overs Colômbia
Jogo 6: Chile 111/5 em 17.3 overs x 110/9 Peru

Jogo 7: Colômbia 169/4 x 128/8 México

Jogo 8: Argentina 134/5 em 17.0 overs x 130/10 em 18.1 overs Brasil 

SAC – 30/11 – Domingo
Jogo 9: Argentina 166/9 x 118/5 Colômbia
Jogo 10: Chile 102/3 em 13.5 overs x 101/8 Colômbia

Jogo 11: Chile 183/4 x 93/10 em 17.1 overs Brasil

Jogo 12: Peru 116/1 em 17.3 overs x 113/10 México

SAC – 31/11 – Segunda-feira
Jogo 13: Peru 192/4 x 128/10 in 19.3 overs Colômbia
Jogo 14: Brasil 140/6 x 139/6 México

Jogo 15: Argentina 213/5 x 147/9 Chile

WSAC – 28/11 – Sexta-feira
Jogo 1: Brasil 101/3 em 13.5 overs x 100/7 Argentina
Jogo 2: Brasil 95/1 em 12.2 overs x 92/4 Peru

WSAC – 29/11 – Sábado
Jogo 3: Argentina 64/2 em 10.0 overs x 63/10 em 19.0 overs Peru
Jogo 4: Brasil 125/10 em 19.4 overs x 92/10 em 17.4 overs Argentina

WSAC – 30/11 – Domingo
Jogo 5: Brasil 188/2 x 89/5 Peru
Jogo 6: Argentina 82/1 em 7.2 overs x 81/4 Peru

With the finals decided between Argentina x Chile in the SAC and Brazil x Argentina in the WSAC, the scenario was prepared for two games of great emotion and fight.

“Final – SAC – Chile x Argentina”

Argentina and Chile reached the final shortly after the confrontation between the two teams in the qualifying round. In the group stage, Argentina easily won the Chilean team.

Argentina started by opening the scoring, but quickly lost players with good overs from M Singh and I Mir. Argentina kept the score at a good pace, interspersed with good fielding and bowling from Chile and managed to score 163, with 7 wickets.

Chile started with a good score in the 1st and 3rd overs, but did not respond well to H Fennell’s overs. Despite getting wickets, the Chileans kept the score very close to the Argentine brothers. M Singh scored an impressive 72 runs to leave only 4 runs missing in the last over of the game. With emotions running high, Chile was crowned champion for the first time, for 2 wickets!

Final MVP: Manveet Singh

“Final – WSAC – Brasil x Argentina”

Brazil entered the field at the WSAC determined to maintain their unbeaten record and secure the title. But Argentina was ready to fight – and the Argentine concentration paid off, with the elimination of Ana Elisa Vicentin and Narayana Ribeiro between the 7th and 8th over, with 44 points. The partnership of Roberta Moretti Avery and Erika Reinher paid off, with 76 races in addition to the extras. Brazil closed the first innings with 152 races and just 2 eliminations.

In the field, Brazil was slow to react and the first Argentine overs had more use than the Brazilian overs. Despite Del Valle’s elimination in the second over, Argentina maintained a high running average until the elimination of Vasquez, Retamales and Stocks, in overs 9, 10 and 11 consecutively. After the 12th over, Brazil managed to maintain the intense pace of fielding and bowling to win in the 18th over 44 races and become two-time champions.

Final MVP: Roberta Moretti Avery

Individual awards:

SAC 13 2016

MVP: Miles Buesst – Peru

Best Bowler: Miles Buesst – Peru

Best Batsman: Lautaro Musiani – Argentina

Best Fielder: Alejandro Ferguson – Argentina

WSAC 7 2016

MVP: Roberta Moretti Avery – Brazil

Best Bowler: Roberta Moretti Avery – Brazil

Best Batsman: Narayana Reinher – Brazil

Best Fielder: Renata Souza – Brazil


We at Cricket Brasil would like to thank all the players and coaches, who made an effort to participate in this immense championship and came from different parts of the Americas for this. Without you none of this would be possible, so our sincere THANK YOU!

We also want to thank everyone who worked to make this possible, the Board of Cricket Brasil and Carioca Cricket Club, GRANADO, Mr. Abel Rocha and the pivots Richard Avery, Vince Bastik and Michael Meade who worked hard behind the scenes, the umpires Roger Dill and James Stewart and volunteer umpires. Another super thank you to photographers Juliana and David Anwar, along with the volunteers pre and during the championship that made everything the best during this week!

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Even SAC 14 and WSAC 8, in Argentina! 🙂