Founded in 1787, Marylebone Cricket Club or MCC, was the guest of honor in Brazil for cricket friendlies. The traditional English team was on tour in South America and we were pleased to welcome them to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

In São Paulo, the MCC was welcomed by Matt Featherstone and faced the Brazilian Men’s Cricket Team, in games held at the São Paulo Athletic Center (SPAC). On both days, MCC players promoted a recreation based on the fundamentals of Cricket for children at British College SP, where more than 100 children had the opportunity to get to know the sport and watch the games! Also present was the newest sponsor of Cricket development in the country, Kevin Gibson, representing Robert Walters.


MCC v Brazil (03/13/18) – MCC won by 4 runs

MCC : 98-7 (30 overs)

D. Mulholland 36

Yasar 6 overs, 3 maidens, 2 wickets, 13 runs

Surya 6 overs, 2 maidens, 2 wickets, 11 runs

Brazil : 94-10 (28.3)

Ilyas 25

K. Pearson 5.3 overs, 1 maiden, 3 wickets, 31 runs

D. Mulholland 6 overs, 1 maiden, 3 wickets, 9 runs

MCC game v Brazil (03/14/18) – MCC won by 86 runs

MCC : 138-8 (30 overs)

Mulholland 36, Soni 32

Ilyas 6 overs, 4 wickets, 32 runs

Brazil : 52-10 (15.1 overs)

Randolph 12

Rudge 4 overs, 4 wickets, 13 runs

Uffindal 3 overs, 4 wickets, 12 runs

MCC at Carioca Cricket Club

The Itaguaí sun runner was unable to keep his name, as the constant rain delayed the start of the game by an hour. At 11 am, the MCC went under the bat in conditions that used to see a game canceled. The drizzle persisted and, in addition, foreigners were not used to the humid conditions.

However, they were comfortable enough, however, to make 62 for the first wicket when captain Karl Pearson (38) and former Irishman Reinhart Strydom (25) gave tourists a constant score. George Thurstance then made a respectable 76 to help put a decent total on the board for the hosts to chase.

Although the CCC consistently won wickets, including numbers 2-28 from the president, Lokesh Suri and Rafi Rahman and Ahsan Ali charging 2-39, the MCC scored 210 statelys in 30 overs.

The CCC lost early wickets in response and were swinging at 12 to 3 before Ryan d’Douza started hitting the ball everywhere. D’Souza turned 41 and was skillfully supported by David Anwar at 18.

It was not enough, and the home team dropped to 107.

The motto of the MCC is ‘The Spirit of Cricket’ and that’s what the boys brought in from England. It was a fantastic week in Itaguaí and São Paulo and a historic moment for Brazilian Cricket.

We are looking forward to your return and will continue to cultivate cricket in Brazil in the meantime.

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