Brasília Cricket Ladies, the women’s team from Brasilia’s Cricket, is the National Cricket T20 Champion for the 2nd consecutive year.

After two stages in 2014, one in Brasília, in March and another one last weekend, in Poços de Caldas -MG, the brasilienses defeated the miners by 3 to 2 games. Being a draw in Brasilia by 1 to 1, and a 2 to 1 victory in Poços de Caldas.

Game 1: Wells 48 points with 10 eliminated (48/10) x Brasília 49 points with 2 eliminated (49/2).
Game 2: Wells 76/7 x Brasília 69/10
Match 3: Brasilia 107/4 x Wells 74/7

Best batter: Narayana Ribeiro (Brasilia)
Best fielder: Nathalia Franco (Poços)
Best launcher: Roberta Avery (Poços)
Tournament MVP: Narayana Ribeiro (Brasilia)

The cricket players who represented the Brasilia Cricket Ladies team were:
Erika Reinehr (captain), Carolina Dela Pace, Daniela Medeiros, Denise Souza, Elisa Carvalho, Joana Reis, Lucia Dutra, Lucyanna Miranda, Maria Eduarda Costa (wk), Narayana Ribeiro and Silvia Alves.

And the players who represented the Cricket Poços de Caldas were:
Roberta Moretti Avery (captain), Renata Dina, Gabriela Cristina, Alice Teodoro (wk), Nathalia Franco, Julia Bernardes, Brenda Karolina, Laura Helena, Ana Carolina Muniz, Evelyn Reis and Thamires Evelyn.

Now the two teams are preparing for 2015 when they will have to face, again, with new players and with the objective of winning the South American tournament as the Brazilian Women’s Cricket Team.