Report from Paulo Vítor Campos

Last Saturday, (12), a course for the training of cricket monitors was held on the premises of Associação Atlética Caldense. The objective was to train more teachers who will work as assistants in the various projects carried out throughout the city. The best players from the projects participated in the course and they will work with boys in the training phase. “We are in need of more people to help in the training, because each day we have more students and with this the number of instructors needs to increase as well. It was a very profitable course that lasted about six hours and now it is hands-on”, said the professor Matt Featherstone. The new monitors have already started work and a new course like this happens next year. Currently, about 1,250 people play cricket in Poços’ projects.

New field
Matt Featherstone is excited as soon the teams from Poços de Caldas will have a space provided by the city for the practice of the sport. According to him, until the beginning of the year, the old golf course located on the south side will have an exclusive area for the practice of the sport.

Councilor Gustavo Bonafé, one of the youngest members of the current City Council of Poços de Caldas, visited yesterday afternoon one of the team’s training sessions held at the Associação Atlética Caldense. He took the opportunity to learn a little about the sport and spoke about the importance of the activity in the training of our young people. “I am passionate about the sport and I think that every action like this of cricket in Poços de Caldas has a very strong value. The more we can get closer to innovative projects like this, which are good for our city and, the more we can encourage the maintenance of these projects, in addition to the emergence of other equals, I believe it will be better for both public management and the community “, said Bonafé. “The sport had a great importance in my life and to follow how this beautiful project works is wonderful, concluded the councilman.

For Matt Featherstone, Bonafé’s visit is important to show that the project has been transforming the lives of countless young people in the city. For him, the support of important people like Bonafé is essential. “I think the interest of our new councilors in the social projects in Poços de Caldas is very important. We had already received a visit from Lucas Arruda, now Gustavo came, and I am very grateful for their visit “, said Featherstone.

The boys and girls from Poços are training hard for competition for the Brazilian team. Some athletes from the under-13 and under-17 categories will go to Santiago, Chile for the South American and the women’s team will be in Buenos Aires, also for the South American. click here