Vitória Cricket Club takes its first steps and needs members. Learn more about the sport, which looks like Brazilian fun

Ball, cue and the target to be protected. If you are one of those who used to play with friends on the street, cricket may seem familiar. Born in England, and the second most popular sport in the world – behind football only -, the game resembles an old child’s game: tacobol, bete-shoulder or bets. But despite the initial similarities and the popularity it has in the world, this “gringo game” is still new to the people of Espírito Santo.

Passionate about the sport they have practiced since childhood, the British Mark Thompson, 47, and Terry Whitty, 38, decided to introduce cricket in Espírito Santo. Vitória Cricket Club takes its first steps, still needs reinforcements, but the team already has a shield ready and plans to compete in the Brazilian championship in October.

“We played cricket since we were kids. And we played in a similar way to what we play here with the name of betting game. It was on the street, with sticks to improvise. Cricket appeared in England in the 16th century, in a very International competitions started in the 19th century and today it is the second most played sport in the world. Cricket is starting here in Espírito Santo, but in Brazil it already has teams in São Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Manaus and Poços de Caldas. There will be a national championship in October, and we will compete”, says Mark.

At Vitória Cricket the capixabas share space with the “gringos”, and English is the predominant language at the time of the game. Still, the sport has no major restrictions and can be practiced by people of all types.

“I love cricket. Our team has people from England, Denmark and South Africa, but it also has people from Espírito Santo, older people, children and girls. Anyone can play, regardless of age, sex, body type. We need more people for the team. We are almost closing the men’s team that will compete in Rio in October, and we want to create a women’s team as well. To play cricket you need to come here with a smile and have fun ”, he invites.

The Game

A game of cricket is played with two teams, consisting of 11 players each. The duels involve two hitters against nine defensive players, and the matches generally last for about three hours. The game has 20 short times (overs) of six shots each.

“There are three ways to play cricket. The most popular way is with 20 overs, which is a sequence of six shots, repeated 20 times. will defend. The goal is always to eliminate the team that is hitting. A normal game lasts between two and three hours. But there is a type of game that lasts all day, and a test game that lasts five days. has a limit on overs, “explains Terry.

The match is played on an oval grass field, and behind the hitter there is a kind of tripod, which works as a target: the stump. One of the hitter’s functions is to protect the stump, so that the target is not hit and the player is eliminated. In addition, a ball hitting away gives the player the chance to run between sides of the field and score points while the ball is in the air. Each complete race is worth one point.

“You have to hit the ball with the bat and use force so that it can go as far as possible. If the ball runs across the floor and reaches the edge of the field there are four points, if it flies high and goes out of the field, six points. But the player can also have an opportunity to run and score more points.

On the other side of the field, next to another stump is the pitcher. And around the field, nine defensive players try to stop the hitter’s runs, so he doesn’t score. In official competitions, matches are played with heavy balls. To avoid accidents, players wear a helmet, protection for the legs, arms, hands and even the intimate area.

“São dois times: um que bate e outro que fica no campo. O time que está batendo vai ter sempre dois jogadores em campo. O batedor tem que defender os stumps para não ser eliminado. Além disso ele tem que mandar a bola para longe para ganhar a chance de correr. Enquanto isso o outro time tenta recuperar a bola e impedir a corrida, para o rebatedor não marque os pontos”, eclarece Mark.

A primeira vista o jogo parece complicado, mas a diversão é garantida. Os que quiserem aprender a jogar podem procurar o Vitória Cricket. O time possui uma página nop facebook e se reune aos domingos, às 14h30, na Pedra da Cebola, em Vitória.


Corrida entre um stump e outro = 1 ponto

A bola rebatida atinge o limite do campo = 6 pontos

A bola rebatida toca uma vez ao chão e atinge o limite do campo = 4 pontos