Paulo Vitor Campos article – Sport Wells

Caldense wells Alexandre Felippe and Roberta Avery are in London, England, for a period of training and exchange. Roberta is training at Bexley with the local team. The club is close to London, the city that will host the World Cup that starts on the 10th. Alexandre Felippe is doing an exchange with the coach of the city of Baxley in a period of 10 days.

“I will be experiencing the social projects carried out in England, seeing the work carried out in clubs, schools, in short, everything that is related to cricket. The objective is to bring more knowledge, information to our projects in Poços de Caldas ”, said Felippe.

Also in London are Matt Featherstone, Xipinho and Renatinha, who will be part of the world championship that starts on the 10th.


A documentary filmed in Poços de Caldas last month is being shown on London’s televisions this month and is expected to be seen by about two billion people. In the documentary Poços de Caldas he appears with great prominence and his social projects of cricket are well highlighted.

The filming focused on images of the city, such as Christ the Redeemer and various tourist spots, in addition to the projects carried out, focusing on the growth of the sport in Poços, which currently has almost two thousand practitioners.

Matt Featherstone, responsible for bringing the sport to Poços, says that the city drew attention by being among the top five social projects in the world. The result was that eight players from the city’s projects were invited to London to participate in the World Cup. They will have an agenda full of big events with the right to have dinner in the luxurious houses of the English lords, and also an unforgettable tour in the capital of England. It will be in this passage through the World Cup that the video made this week in Poços de Caldas and shown to the whole world.

“It is a unique opportunity in the lives of these boys and this is thanks to their work. The merit is all of them and it will be a spectacular trip ”, said Featherstone.

The images of the projects in Poços de Caldas were taken by photographer and videographer Léo De Valle. He is Argentine and is part of the ICC World. He spent the whole Thursday going through the projects and collecting the images that will be shown during the World Cup in England.