The Brazilian Women’s Cricket Team was crowned champion, for the third time in the last four years, in the South American Cricket Championship held in Colombia, from the 23rd to the 26th of August.

With a team formed with players from Cricket Poços de Caldas, São Sebastião Cricket Club, Carioca Cricket Club and Calangas Cricket, Brazil proved to be far superior to the other teams and won unbeaten, with no team scoring more than 49 runs against Brazil .

Brazil was also featured in the games’ MVPs and individual awards. See the results below:

Match 1: Bra 124/7 x 32/10 (12.0 overs) Mex

Brazil won by 92 races

MVP: Carolina Owen (Mexico)

Match 2: Bra 153/2 x 42/10 (17.0 overs) Chi

Brazil won by 111 races

MVP: Narayana Reinehr

Match 3: Bra 33/3 (5.5 overs) x 32/6 Per

Brazil won by 7 wickets

MVP: Lindsay Mariano

Match 4: Bra 168/4 x 18/9 (9.5 overs) Mex

Brazil won by 150 races

MVP: Renata Sousa

Match 5: Bra 128/5 x 37/10 (15.4 overs) Chi

Brazil won by 91 races

MVP: Roberta Moretti Avery

Match 6: Bra 195/1 x 33/10 (16.4 overs) Per

Brazil won by 162 races

MVP: Erika Reinehr

FINAL: Bra 137/6 x 45/10 (15.0 overs) Chi

Brazil won by 92 races

MVP: Renata Sousa

Individual Awards:

Best Batsman: Narayana Reinehr (172 races)

Best Pitcher: Jessica Miranda P. (Chile – 14 wickets)

Best Fielder: Roberta Moretti Avery (5 catches)

MVP: Kate Coppack (Peru – Avg MVP 11.01)

This was the first championship valid for the ICC World Ranking in T20i and starts a sequence of games in which the Brazilian team will seek better positions and international confrontations.

Men’s Team:

The men’s team finished the championship in 6th place, with victories over the teams from Colombia and Argentina, but difficulties in maintaining the performance against the other teams.

This was the first South American event with the participation of 8 male countries, increasing the technical level of the competition. As a highlight, we had Umar Saleem in second place for Best Batsman, and Surya Rayanan with 14 wickets, followed by Richard Avery and Kamal Bishnoi with 12.

The next edition of the event will be in Lima, Peru.