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Players from Poços to Play in National Team in Peru.

By Paulo Vitor Campos
Translation by Paul Davey

Poços de Caldas, MG.

Three female cricket players from Poços de Caldas were selected to play for the national team at the next tournament in Lima, Peru. The team will play in the South American Championship to be played in mid-April. Poços players travel on the 13th and the competition starts on the 15th.

The selected players are Renata Souza, Gabriela Cristina Silva, both students of the Municipal School and Roberta Avery. For Roberta, the opportunity is a big surprise, as she only recently joined the Poços team. “I started playing cricket because of my British husband Richard and at first I resisted the idea. It is a contagious sport and a lot of fun to practice. With the chance to travel with the national team I am very happy and encouraged to do the best I can for Brazil. All the work done by everyone involved here so far has paid off. Now the focus is on playing well … The tournament will be brilliant for the sport, ”said Roberta.

Matthew Featherstone, the team’s coach, is also very excited “I believe the national team is in a good position to have a great tournament. The team is much more prepared than in previous years, ”said Featherstone, responsible for bringing cricket to Poços. “Our three ladies [from Poços] are training a lot,” he continued. “They are players who have improved very quickly and it will be a great experience for them and their inclusion will help the sport in Poços a lot”. Mateus decreed that the ladies will be reflective of the other players who will be in Poços, after that, everyone will want to train even harder to have the same opportunity for the next tournaments. ”

In the South American Championship, Brazil will face Chile, Peru, Mexico and Argentina (appointed as the strongest teams in the competition). “Of course, we will enter the competition in order to beat all opponents, but for our players, the very fact of playing in a tournament of such importance is already a great achievement”, continued to highlight the growth of the sport in Poços de Caldas. “We started slowly and today the city has nine projects in progress and a large number of participants”.