Written by Aravind Krishnan

Translation by Roberta Moretti Avery

During the 3rd women’s national cricket championship between Poços de Caldas and Brasilia, the visiting men’s team from Poços de Caldas played two games against Brasilia men’s team in the 2nd edition of the “Copa Amizade”, or Friendship Cup. The first game was played on Saturday, 23rd May and the second game on Sunday, 24th May.

Winning the toss and electing to bat, Brasilia in the first game was off to mediocre start. But once the first wicket fell and Umar came in, there was no stopping Brasilia as sixes and fours flowed freely from Umar’s bat. He was in no mood to stop as wickets kept falling on the other side. In the end of the innings Brasilia made 154 with Umar alone contributing 111. Poços bowling was lead well by Gabriel and Andre.

Chasing 155 to win, Poços de Caldas had a shaky start, losing a couple of quick wickets, but Xipinho (84) and João Marcelo built a good partnership to take them close to the target.  With 30 required of three overs and five wickets in hand, Poços went for the victory but unfortunately fell 8 runs short of the target. Brasilia’s bowling  was led by Kamal and Badar taking a few quick wicket towards the end.

Once again in the second game, Brasilia won the toss and elected to bat. BSB had a decent start but lost both its openers in the 4th over as Umar stepped in as number 4. This time Umar’s show was cut short by a brilliant delivery from Gabriel as he was ajudged lbw for 32. Brasília kept losing wickets at regular intervals with only Vikram playing a sensible innings, making 42. Finally, Brasilia made 149 from 20 overs.

Poços showed an improved bowling performance, as once again Gabriel lead the bowling from the front taking quick wickets. Chasing 150 to win, Poços de Caldas played well in the first 10 overs but started to lose quick wickets towards the end, especially once their in-form opener Xipinho was removed. In the end they fell well short of the target.

BSB Captain receiving the Trophy from Copa Amizade

At the Sunday afternoon trophy presentations, Umar received the best batsmen award while Gabriel was judged the best bowler with eight wickets. The most valuable player was awarded to Poços keeper and opener, Xipinho. It is worth noting that on Saturday night there was a barbecue get together after the games at Clube Nipo where the players and families relaxed  to some good music and dance. Overall, it was a marvelous weekend full of cricket and entertainment.

Best Bowler, Gabriel

MVP, Luiz Xipin

Best Fielder, Michel

Best Batsman, Umar