Lima was the scene of another South American Cricket Championship this week. The traditional Championship had the participation of the female teams: Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico and the return of the Argentine team, after the hiatus of 2018; in addition to the male teams: Brazil, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.


The Lima edition completes the tenth women’s championship with the presence of the top five teams in Latin America. All games were held at Lima Cricket & amp; Football Club, in a qualifying system for the final. See the results of the games below:

Match 1- Brazil vs Chile

28/1 x 27 – Brazil won by 9 wickets

Spotlight: Nicole Monteiro, with 3 eliminations

Match 2- Brazil vs Peru

202/3 x 40/5 – Brazil won by 162 races

Highlight: Roberta Avery, with 69 * points
Match 3- Brazil vs Argentina

71/4 x 70 – Brazil won by 6 wickets

Highlight: Renata Sousa with 23 races and 2 eliminations
Match 4- Brazil vs Mexico

152/3 x 54/6 – Brazil won by 98 races

Highlight: Lindsay Mariano with 45 * runs.

Final – Brazil vs Argentina

74/6 x 73 – Brazil won by 4 wickets

Highlight: Nicole Monteiro with 4 eliminations.

Individual results:

Best Hitter of the Championship: Roberta Avery, with 116 races

Best Fielder of the Championship: Denise Souza.

Brazil has won this championship 4 times in the last 5 years (2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019), and much of this progress is due to the renovation and investments in basic projects. In addition to the creation of the National Women’s Cricket Championship, which started in 2013 and has been bringing new athletes to the National scene.

In 2020, the South American Championship returns to Brazil with a novelty: the creation of the South American Cricket Championship for Women Under 17, which will serve as an initiation for the Adult Female Team and complete the path of development of Cricket for young girls who dream one day played for the national team!


The male SAC counted points for the ICC World Ranking for the first time, and the Brazilian team participated with 4 Brazilian players (Luis Felipe Pinheiro, Victor Poubel, Luis Henrique Rodrigues and Kevin Meconi).

Follow the results of the games below:

Match 1- Brazil vs Chile

96/5 x 61/8 – Brazil won by 35 races

Highlight: Umar Saleem with 52 races

Match 2- Brazil vs Argentina

73/9 x 75/5 – Peru won by 2 races

Highlight: Greigor Caisley with 38 races

Match 3- Brazil vs Uruguay

109/3 x 106/7 – Brazil won by 7 wickets

Highlight: Yasar Haroon with 38 races and 2 eliminations

Match 4- Brazil vs Argentina

105/9 x 76/9 – Argentina won by 29 races

Highlight: Luis Henrique Rodrigues with 3 eliminations

Match 5- Brazil vs Colombia

107/5 x 94/10 – Colombia won by 13 races

Spotlight: Yassar Haroon with 3 eliminations

Match 6- Brazil vs Mexico

76/10 x 96/5 – Mexico won by 20 races

Highlight: Luis Felipe Pinheiro

Brazil finished in 6th place.

Cricket Brasil today has about 50 social projects for the development of Sport, and 3200 children playing weekly. We have support from the Federal Incentive Law, with Alcoa, the Municipal Incentive Law, with Hotel Minas Gerais, in addition to support from the Sports Department, AA Caldense, Caixa Econômica Federal – NGO Housing and Citizenship, DME and ICC.