This decision has been made by the Brazilian Cricket Association as part of the new strategic plan for the growth of cricket in Brazil.

The decision is to have 14 women’s players on a Central Contract, giving them the opportunity to train and play 5 times a week under the guidance of the National Team Coach to be ready for the next draft of Women’s ICC tournaments.

WSAC Peru 2019

The results from the past five years show that the development in Brazil of women’s is bringing results for the high performance players and the National team. Brazil Women’s have won 4 of the past 5 Women’s South American Championship, a fact that wasn’t possible before Brazil invested heavily on larger participation and a greater structure in Cricket on up skilling coaches, improving pathways and increasing National leagues on all levels.

“We know that The Brazilian Ladies have the ability to play at higher level, we are just going to provide them with the opportunity. I really think the Ladies have the potential to put Brazil on the map globally. This is very exciting times for Cricket Brazil.”
Matt Featherstone, President of Cricket Brazil.

We will also have the involvement of all Central contracted players in our Development projects, becoming the role models for the female cricketers in Brazil.

We are very excited to have our main sponsor Biotreat, which is a modern water treatment company from Belo Horizonte and Guarita, a famous hamburger restaurant chain from São Paulo which are making this all possible.