By Anthony Joseph.

Cricket, a fun, strategic and noble sport is currently played in Brazil. Teams like Asian Super XI, DForce and Brasília Cricket Ladies are teams that play in the federal capital. A sport marked by its ability to bring together characteristics such as intensity, precision and intelligence, increasingly counts on the number of fans.

The Brasiliense Cricket Association attentive to these new perspectives as well as thinking about maintaining the sport’s tradition, created the Cerrado Championship, involving the three teams mentioned.

The first game, held on July 27 at the Esplanada dos Ministérios, started on a very cold morning, even remembering the English temperature. In the course of the same, the points were scored, increasing the temperature and the score. The other teams were invited to watch the competition, which at a given moment, became unpredictable, revealing the winner for 1 run. The Asian Super XI triumphed over DForce.

Beginning of the game, Kamal Bishnoi, captain of ASXI, after losing his toss, organized his team to beat, while Alexandre Miziara, captain of DForce took his team to the field.

The Asian Super XI made 113 runs before they were all eliminated in the 18th over. The first five overs were very positive for the team, reaching 40 runs in a short time. With the exchange of pitchers, DForce managed to limit runs with great shots, strong fielding and good catches. Umar Saleem (21) and K.Bishnoi (28runs of 19 balls) defended and scored well against Andrew Gillespie who threw 4 overs with a wicket maiden, 2 eliminations for 15 runs; Fabio Dela Pace, who in the second consecutive game was very economical with 2 eliminations in 4 overs for 24 runs and others.

Hitting the ball in Cricket now seems as easy as the breeze, now as strong and precise as if it were going to knock everything down from the front. Facing a team with the name “Super” was not easy. And in the first move of the game, a super catch was made in the mid on field position by Aravind Krishnan. An elimination without scoring. A very bad start as the weather. Ruann van der Merwe (43 runs of 37 balls) came in to accompany Miziara (who in his last game lasted 20 overs and did 75 runs without leaving) and they made a good pair until Miziara touched a ball that was picked up by the wicketkeeper Arvind Kidambi who got two more good catches.

The game started to show itself tense and unpredictable, DForce struggled and the points were added to the scoreboard, while XI dominated wickets. Esmat Osmani remained calm and scored 15 runs for his team, facing Dhanushka Jayamal’s unique shots (3 eliminations for 13 runs from 4 overs). In another turn of the game, he was eliminated by Thales Marques, a former member of the Brazilian team under 17. And it was Marques (4 overs, 17 runs and 2 eliminations) who threw the last over where DForce needed 4 runs in 6 balls to be victorious, but they didn’t make it… 1 run missed!

MVP points. Bishnoi 1. Miziara 1. Merwe 2. Marques 3.

Translation by Daniela Medeiros

Next game, on August 3rd, at 9 am at the Esplanada dos Ministérios. Brasilia Ridgebacks and Candangos Lobos teams will guarantee another Sunday of spectacle, another Sunday of Cricket!