Article by Paulo Vítor Campos and RMA

The Cricket Club of Poços de Caldas was taken over by cricket yesterday afternoon. The course received the championship for the closure of Cricket Poços de Caldas projects, Cricket in the Community. The competition was disputed by 25 teams from various entities spread across the city, a record number of participants so far.

The following were present: Casa do Caminho, Galpão das Artes, Casa do Menor, Caldense, Colégio Mamud Assan, Bem Viver, Lar Criança Feliz, Escola Professor Antonio Sergio Teixeira, PMJ São Sebastião, PMJ Santa Maria, AABB, PMJ São José, Escola Mamud , PMJ Marco Divisório, PMJ João Monteiro, Maria Elvídia School, Pacheco State School, among others.

The number of participants shows the amazing growth of the sport in Poços de Caldas, which at the beginning had a maximum of six projects and this number is over 50 in 2019. For the closing competition dispute, ten fields were set up for the realization of the events. games. More than 300 children were present during the afternoon!

“We divided the teams according to the level of each project and the disputes were very cool with the players very excited about the matches,” said Professor Alexandre Felippe.

Community Cricket Championship Results:

Group A:

1st Place: Caldense Boys

2nd Place: AABB A

3rd Place: Casa do Menor

Group B:

1st Place: Caldense Mini Pandas A

2nd Place: PMJ João Monteiro

3rd Place: Galpão das Artes

Group C:

1st Place: Mamud A

2nd Place: Casa do Caminho

3rd Place: AABB B

Group D:

1st Place: PMJ Marco Divisório

2nd Place: Mamud B

3rd Place: Pacheco A

Group E:

1st Place: PMJ São José

2nd Place: Pacheco B

3rd Place: EE Teixeira

Now the projects will return in full force in 2020 with the expectation of an even greater number of practitioners. create free online store

We expect you in 2020!