This weekend took place the 1st Australian Aid Cricket Festival and the Brasília stage of the IV National Female Cricket Championship, with the participation of Brasília, with the Cricket Brasília and the female team of Brasília Cricket Ladies and the project Cricket Poços de Caldas , with a youth and female team.

With the participation of 6 youth teams, including boys and girls, the Australian Aid Cricket Festival was a success. There were more than 60 players from Poços and Brasília, who had a day of great cricket, learning and motivation at Clube Nipo.

Today, we have cricket lessons at three schools in São Sebastião, attended in the morning and afternoon, in the Vila Olímpica de São Sebastião, in partnership with the GDF Sports Secretariat. There are projections of two new schools joining the project and a lot of cricket still to be developed in the Brazilian Capital.

The games were played with mixed teams of at least 8 players and were very disputed. The three projects in São Sebastião showed a surprising evolution in those first months of classes. Cricket projects Poços de Caldas, which had the vast majority of players on their first trip with the sport, were able to share experiences with new players and cultivate new friendships.

Simultaneously, the games of the IV National Women’s Cricket Championship took place, where the atmosphere was one of friendship and rivalry. The Brasilia Cricket Ladies team received the Pandas from Cricket Poços de Caldas and took the best with three victories, winning the first stage and maintaining the leadership in the National dispute. See the results below:

Game 1:

BCL 123/6 x 99/4 CPC

Game 2:

BCL 133/5 x 82/10 (in 17.5 overs) CPC

Game 3:

BCL 127/4 x 96/5 CPC

Among the individual awards, we had:

Best Fielder: Maria Eduarda Costa

Best Bowler: Roberta Moretti Avery (6 wickets)

Best Batsperson: Silvia Alves (58 points)

MVP: Ana Elise Vicentin (5 wickets, 57 points)

We would like to thank our sponsor, Australian Aid, who made this weekend possible for so many children. Also to thank the support of volunteers from Brasília and Poços de Caldas who worked with a smile on their face and left the weekend with a special glow.

Until the next step.