Paulo Vitor Campos article – Sport Poços

Thursday (4) was a very important day for the cricket projects carried out in Poços de Caldas. Taking advantage of his visit to the city, Otávio Carvalheira, president of Alcoa in Brazil, visited Galpão das Artes, one of the places that receives the project, and learned about the modality, which now has the support of the multinational company through the Federal Incentive Law to the Sport.
“It is a great pleasure to be in Poços de Caldas to know up close how this beautiful work done by Matt Featherstone is being done and I was amazed with what has been done. For Alcoa, having the opportunity to participate in a project as well done as this one is a source of great pride and is another example of our integration with the community and a way of giving our contribution to see these children develop in sport, but also in education. These two things go hand in hand ”, said Carvalheira, highlighting the innovation that cricket brings to Brazil.

“It is still a little-known sport in Brazil and opens a new opportunity for young people to develop in the activity. Who knows, maybe one day, with these kids, we won’t reach the top of the world cricket ranking”, said Carvalheira, impressed with the number of practitioners in the city. “There are more than three thousand people in this program and we believe that through this type of activity, which complements the school, children can focus on something that adds”, continued the president.

The choice
The Brazilian Cricket Association, which coordinates several projects in Poços de Caldas and serves children and young people, mostly from the south, was one of the institutions chosen to benefit from Alcoa resources through the Sports Incentive Law, of the Ministry of Sport in 2019. This support will make it possible to double the number of children and young people served by the projects. This is the second time that Alcoa has supported the cricket project. In 2018, the Brazilian Cricket Association benefited from an Action (community action), which guaranteed a donation of R $ 10,000, funds from the Alcoa Institute. In addition to the president of Alcoa in Brazil, Galpão das Artes also received the presence of Walmer Rocha, Operations manager at Alcoa Poços, Mayor Sérgio Azevedo and Sports Secretary Wellington Guimarães, Paulista.
“Cricket is the fastest growing project in the city and we are happy to be one of the partners. At the end of 2017 we gave them a field and today they have a place with official dimensions for their games and there they can receive their championships, the classes of the projects, in short, develop the sport. With this Poços de Caldas has become the Brazilian capital of cricket and we are proud of this example.

The Sports Department supports all sports, but cricket has been standing out for the large number of children involved in a sports and social project carried out with great competence by Matt. We are happy with the result and take the opportunity to thank Alcoa, a great partner. With the union of forces, the project just has to grow and with this the city also wins ”, said Mayor Sérgio Azevedo.

In addition to Alcoa, cricket has Caixa Econômica Federal – NGO Citizenship and Housing, Associação Atlética Caldense, Municipality of Poços de Caldas, Hotel Minas Gerais, Municipal Electricity Department, Caixa Econômica Federal and ICC Mundial.

Matt Featherstone, responsible for bringing cricket to Brazil and Poços de Caldas, celebrates the partnership with Alcoa. For him, the growth of sport in the city follows a fast course and with impressive success. “Good things attract good things. Alcoa is embracing our projects and will help a lot in the growth of cricket in Poços de Caldas. This type of partnership is rare and the population of Poços and the cricket family are very grateful. With this help we will take the children to a new stage, I am very happy. I talked to President Otávio Carvalheira and he told us that he is interested in staying with us on this project for a long time and we also want this partnership for many years ”, said Featherstone.